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Prepared by Cambridge Econometrics (CE) with feedback from the New Climate Economy (NCE) team, this draft note summarises methodological aspects, modelled scenarios and macroeconomic results to provide empirical inputs to the NCE 2018 Global Commission Report. The aim of the modelling exercise was to illustrate examples of policies that can simultaneously promote economic growth and reduce the risks of climate change.  


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New Climate Economy project led by former President of Mexico Felipe Calderón, with government, business and finance leaders from 14 countries

NEW YORK (September 24, 2013)—As evidence of human-induced climate change mounts, a new global commission launched today will analyze the economic costs and benefits of acting on climate change. The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate comprises leaders from government, finance and business from 14 countries, chaired by former President of Mexico Felipe Calderón.  

As part of a series of events in the run-up to the highly anticipated papal encyclical on climate change, the New Climate Economy was invited to provide a strong economic and business voice to demonstrate that climate action and economic growth can and should occur together for a just transition to a low-carbon economy.

In a statement discussing the progress made at COP20 in Lima, Felipe Calderon expressed his belief that progress had been made toward an international agreement that will send a clear signal to businesses and investors. According to Calderon, "Countries all around the world are beginning to see that it is in their economic interest to take action now."