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This paper makes the case for a coordinated or systems approach to urban finance. Traditional approaches to urban finance have often focused on actions that cities can take, such as issuing municipal bonds or securing a good credit rating. Much of the recent literature emphasizes mechanisms such as debt financing, public-private partnerships, and land value capture instruments. 


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We are no doubt living in challenging times, with cities so often the focal point of social tensions that are felt well beyond their limits. But cities also offer us so many solutions. For the good of their entire countries today and tomorrow, we need national leaders to seize the new urban opportunity, writes Nick Stern.

Heads of State and Ministers from seven countries launched the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate in New York City today, just before the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. At a packed meeting, the invited guests and media heard presentations from the governments of the countries which have commissioned the project, and a lively discussion session with some of the project's leading figures.

Felipe Calderon delivered a speech at the New Climate Economy Dinner hosted by the Foreign and Environment Ministers of Sweden. He explained how in the next few years, decisions regarding removing fossil fuels, pricing carbon, redesigning future cities, and stopping deforestation must to be taken in order not only to prevent a dangerous rise in temperatures but also to reinvigorate economic growth.

Ethiopia can harness urbanisation to secure high and sustainable economic growth and to achieve middle-income country status by 2025, says a new study by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, the Ethiopian Development Research Institute, and the Global Green Growth Institute.

Former President of Mexico Felipe Calderón, alongside members of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, will unveil the findings of a major new report that investigates the relationship between economic growth and climate action. Coming just one week before the UN Climate Summit, the report’s recommendations will be used by world leaders, finance ministers, business executives and civil society organizations to develop commitments and actions that can advance a strong, low-carbon economy.

Chairs of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate Felipe Calderón and Nicholas Stern issued statements welcoming the 14/2 announcement on climate change from the UK's three major political parties.