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Statement from President Felipe Calderón


New York – September 20, 2014: The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate launched Better Growth, Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report at United Nations headquarters in New York and in cities across the world last week. The report concludes that economic growth and action on climate change can now be achieved together.

Spokespeople available during Climate Week include President Felipe Calderón (Chair of the Global Commission), Lord Nicholas Stern (co-Chair of the Global Commission), Jeremy Oppenheim (Global Programme Director, New Climate Economy report), Andrew Steer (President, WRI), and Helen Mountford (future Global Programme Director, New Climate Economy project).

Felipe Calderón, former President of México and Chair of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate issued the following statement on the United Nations Climate Summit:

“The New Climate Economy report has shown it is possible to have better growth and a better climate. It is possible to create jobs, reduce poverty, and reduce the carbon emissions that threaten our future. Yes it is possible, but we need to make some fundamental changes and smart choices.”

“The summit is a crucial moment. The many global leaders present have an opportunity to commit to building this better, more prosperous future by sending consistent and credible policy signals to businesses and investors.”

“The members of the Global Commission commend the Secretary-General for the role he has played in bringing together the right people at the right time.”

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