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The New Climate Economy project launched in Ethiopia on March 6th, some of the largest media outlets in the country covered the event, including Addis Fortune and The Reporter. Yonas Abiye, writing in The Reporter, said: “The study, for the first time in Ethiopia in regards to climate change and its impacts, is expected to give policy makers an idea of what the financial costs and benefits of cutting carbon emissions could be.” 

As well as covering the launch, Fortune also published an op-ed by Getachew Yoseph of the Ethiopia Development Research Institute and the New Climate Economy’s Jeremy Oppenheim. The editorial outlined the exciting prospects for climate resilient growth in the Ethiopian economy and how “through participation in the NCE project, Ethiopia can help bring low-carbon climate resilient economic growth to the world, creating new opportunities for the country and its citizens as it grows and develops.”

Michael Jacobs, Senior Adviser at the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations in Paris, suggested that the research being conducted by the New Climate Economy is one of the reasons for cautious optimism in the climate debate. Writing in a Project Syndicate op-ed: “Its [NCE’s] conclusions will be presented at September’s [UN climate] summit; if accepted, the Commission’s work could mark a turning point, transforming the way in which climate policy is perceived by the world’s economic policymakers.”

Earlier in February, Dr. Andrew Steer, President and CEO of World Resources Institute, a New Climate Economy partner, appeared on PBS Newshour and highlighted how the New Climate Economy is contributing to the design of an improved global economy. “Most people look at the challenge of climate change and they think, my goodness, it’s going to be costly. Well, it turns out that, just as the science is firming up, so too the economics is firming up. It turns out that if we do it right, we can have a transition to a low carbon future that actually has more jobs, more technology and actually benefits people.”


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