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A briefing on the forthcoming report of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate Growth and Prosperity in the New Climate Economy

Presentation and Q&A with Michael Jacobs, Senior Adviser to the New Climate Economy project

New Climate Economy Senior Advisor Michael Jacobs will present at a side event for the participants of the 2014 Bonn Climate Change Conference on Sunday evening, June 9th. Mr. Jacobs will deliver an update to the New Climate Economy research and offer preliminary findings.


Michael Jacobs


Sunday 8th June, 18:30-20:00


Room Solar

Ministry for the Environment (Bundes Ministerium für Umwelt)

Robert-Schumann-Platz 3

53175 Bonn    

For a full list of the Bonn Climate Change Conference side events, visit https://seors.unfccc.int/seors/reports/events_list.html?session_id=SB40.
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