Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations

ICRIER, one of India’s leading think tanks, was established in August 1981 as a not-for-profit research organisation to provide a strong economic basis for policy making. Under the current Chairperson, Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia, ICRIER has reinforced the pursuit of its original vision and in the process significantly expanded the scope of its research activities. ICRIER is supported by a Board of Governors, which includes leading policy makers, academicians, opinion makers and well-known representatives of the corporate world. 

ICRIER’s success lies in the quality of its human capital. Led by Dr. Rajat Kathuria, Director & Chief Executive, ICRIER’s research team consists of highly qualified professors, senior fellows, fellows, research associates/assistants and consultants. The RBI, HUDCO and Wadhwani Chairs in ICRIER focus on macroeconomic, urbanisation and India-US strategic issues respectively. International conferences/seminars, public policy workshops, public lectures and publications form an integral part of ICRIER’s outreach activities. ICRIER maintains a wide network of resource persons from India and abroad. It strives to attract well-qualified researchers, provides them a stimulating and scholarly work environment and encourages researchers to work in teams. ICRIERs research is widely cited by both academia and the popular press, and has over the years provided critical inputs for policy making.

ICRIER's principal thrust areas are:

  • Macroeconomic Management in an Open Economy
  • Financial Sector Liberalisation and Regulation
  • Trade Openness, Restructuring and Competitiveness
  • WTO Related Issues
  • Regional Economic Co-operation with Focus on South Asia
  • Strategic Aspects of India's International Economic Relations
  • Environment and Climate Change

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