Ethiopian Development Research Institute

The Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) was established in 1999 by the Ethiopian government with the mission to:

  • Conduct rigorous research and policy analysis that provide knowledge-based inputs to policymaking and policy implementation, and
  • Disseminate its research outputs and findings to the policy and research community, academia, the development community and other stakeholders.

In seeking to achieve its objectives and goals, EDRI is guided by the principles that research engagement is needs-based and responsive, and undertaken with a scientific and independent mindset.  Its research is carried out in partnership with diverse national and international partners and stakeholders to ensure quality and relevance, and to strengthen national capacity.  EDRI and its partners strive to work in close collaboration with stakeholders at national and regional levels in identifying research areas and disseminating research results.

EDRI currently has three active research departments:

  • Macroeconomic and trade policy analysis and research
  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Poverty and sectoral development

New and ongoing research includes:

  • The production of regular economic indicators, development and monitoring reports
  • Food price trends analysis and policy options for enhancing food security in Ethiopia
  • Performance evaluation of cotton supply, demand and marketing situation in Ethiopia – opportunities and challenges
  • Sectoral performance of the Ethiopian economy – the education and health sectors
  • Savings behaviour and financial innovations for resource mobilization and poverty reduction
  • Public spending and growth
  • Improving institutions for pro-poor growth
  • The urban housing problem in Addis Ababa

EDRI is core-funded by the Ethiopian government, the African Capacity Building Foundation, UNDP, ESSP II/FPRI and TTI/IDRC, with others on a project basis.  It has established strong linkages with a range of national and international organizations.  EDRI currently has around 85 full-time staff.  

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