NCE South Africa is providing technical assistance and wider knowledge sharing to inform the Government’s efforts to develop a common national framework on the just transition and create a just transition strategy as part of South Africa’s planning for a low-carbon future. NCE’s main partner is the Presidential Climate Commission (PCC). The PCC, which includes representatives from government, business organizations, labor groups, academia, NGOs/research institutions and traditional leadership, is the key stakeholder charged with facilitating and overseeing a just transition in South Africa.  

NCE supported the PCC in producing a series of expert essays on adaptation and the just transition, which were published in a prominent South African newspaper and collated into a book. These 12 essays were written by leading experts in their fields, exploring what it will take to achieve a just transition in South Africa, with a focus on enhancing resilience. The subject matter is wide-ranging, and the authors are drawn from various backgrounds, representing views from South African academia, business, labour, and civil society—including some PCC CommissionersAt the PCC’s Multistakeholder Conference in May 2022, NCE co-hosted a launch event for the essay book.  

NCE also supported the PCC in updating the draft Just Transition Framework to address comments received from stakeholders at the conference and through other public consultations. The team has also supported the development of three energy policy briefs focused on various aspects of the just energy transition in partnership with the PCC, and launched a series of ten videos on aspects of the just transition in South Africa. 

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