Region and Country Research


Mainstreaming Climate Change in Ethiopia’s Planning Process, Working Paper – Nov 2022

Green Industrialisation and Entrepreneurship in Africa, Case Study – Oct 2017

Better Urban Growth in Tanzania: A Preliminary Exploration of the Opportunities and Challenges, Case Study – Aug 2017

Africa’s New Climate Economy: Economic Transformation and Social and Environmental Change, Case Study – Nov 2016

Achieving Uganda’s Development Ambition – The Economic Impact of Green Growth: An Agenda for Action, Case Study – Nov 2016

Challenges and Opportunities for Efficient Land Use in Mozambique: Taxes, Financing, and Infrastructure, Case Study – Oct 2016

Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform in sub-Saharan Africa: From Rhetoric to Reality, Case Study – Nov 2015

Bringing Clean, Safe, Affordable Cooking Energy to Households Across Africa: An Agenda for Action, Case Study – Oct 2015

Building Electricity Supplies in Africa for Growth and Universal Access, Case Study – Sep 2015

The Contribution of African Cities to the Economy and Climate, Case Study – Sep 2015

Unlocking the Power of Ethiopia’s Cities, Case Study – Feb 2015


Bioeconomy For The Amazon: Concepts, Limits, And Trends For A Proper Definition Of The Tropical Forest Biome – June 2022

A New Economy for a New Era: Elements for Building a More Efficient and Resilient Economy in Brazil – July 2020

Towards Efficient Land Use in Brazil, Case Study – Sep 2015


The Knowns and Unknowns of China's Green Finance, Case Study – March 2017

China and The New Climate Economy, Case Study – Nov 2014


Decarbonization of Indian Railways, Case Study – March 2017

Reaching India’s Renewable Energy Targets: The Role of Institutional Investors, Case Study – Dec 2016

Better Cities, Better Growth: India’s Urban Opportunity, Case Study – Nov 2016

India: Pathways to Sustaining Rapid Development in a New Climate Economy, Case Study – April 2015


A Green Economy for a Net-Zero Future: How Indonesia can build back better after COVID-19 with the Low Carbon Development Initiative (LCDI) –  October 2021

Low Carbon Development: A Paradigm Shift Towards a Green Economy in Indonesia, Report – March 2019

United States

America's New Climate Economy: A Comprehensive Guide to the Economic Benefits of Climate Policy in the United States, Report -- July 2020

Seeing is Believing: Creating a New Climate Economy in the United States, Case Study – Oct 2014


Models for Financing Clean Infrastructure in Middle Income Countries, Case Study – Dec 2015


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