Cities Working Papers

For more information on the New Climate Economy's special initiative on cities, see the website for the Coalition for Urban Transitions.

Harnessing Urbanisation for Development: Roadmap for Tanzania’s Urban Development Policy - Aug 2019

Scaling Up Investment for Sustainable Urban Infrastructure: A Guide to National and Subnational Reform - Apr 2019

National Transport Policy and Cities: Key policy interventions to drive compact and connected urban growth - Mar 2019

Sustainable urban infrastructure for all: Lessons on solar-powered street lights from Kampala and Jinja, Uganda - Mar 2019

Resilient and affordable housing for all: Lessons on house building from Kochi and Trivandrum, India - Dec 2018

Reduced waste and improved livelihoods for all: Lessons on waste management from Ahmedabad, India - Dec 2018

Affordable and clean energy for all: Lessons on rooftop solar from Delhi, India - Dec 2018

Developing Prosperous and Inclusive Cities in Africa - National Urban Policies to the Rescue? - Oct 2018

The Economic and Social Benefits of Low-Carbon Cities: A Systematic Review of the Evidence - Jun 2018

Global Review of Finance for Sustainable Urban Infrastructure - Dec 2017

Integrating National Policies to Deliver Compact, Connected Cities: An Overview of Transport and Housing - Dec 2017

Connected Urban Growth: Public-Private Collaborations for Transforming Urban Mobility - Nov 2017

Financing the Urban Transition: Policymakers' Summary - Oct 2017

Demystifying Compact Urban Growth: Evidence from 300 Studies From Across the World - Sep 2017

Better Urban Growth in Tanzania: A Preliminary Exploration of the Opportunities and Challenges - Aug 2017

Financing the Urban Transition for Sustainable Development: Better Finance for Better Cities – Dec 2016

Better Growth, Better Cities: Achieving Uganda's Development Ambition – Dec 2016

Better Cities, Better Growth: India’s Urban Opportunity – Nov 2016

Unlocking the Power of Urban Transport Systems for Better Growth and a Better Climate – Jan 2016

Accelerating Low-Carbon Development in the World’s Cities – Sep 2015

The Contribution of African Cities to the Economy and Climate – Sep 2015

Better Growth, Better Cities: Rethinking and Redirecting Urbanization in Africa – Sep 2015

Analysis of Public Policies That Unintentionally Encourage and Subsidize Urban Sprawl – March 2015

Unlocking the Power of Ethiopia’s Cities – Feb 2015

Accessibility in Cities: Transport & Urban Form – Nov 2014

Cities and The New Climate Economy: The Transformative Role of Global Urban Growth – Nov 2014

What Impact Can Local Economic Development in Cities Have on Global GHG Emissions? Assessing the Evidence – Nov 2014

Steering urban growth: governance, policy and finance – Nov 2014

The Economic Case for Low-Carbon Cities – Nov 2014