Jeremy Oppenheim

Managing Partner, SYSTEMIQ

Jeremy Oppenheim is the former Programme Director of the New Climate Economy. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of SYSTEMIQ.

Until April 2016, Jeremy led McKinsey's Sustainability and Resource Productivity Practice.  In this role he  worked with a wide range of private, public, and social sector clients in many different countries.  He  advised both developed and developing countries on ways in which they can combine robust economic growth with the protection of irreplaceable environmental assets, and  worked with leading corporations across the energy, mining, consumer goods, engineering and finance sectors.  Jeremy has also served many of the world's public international institutions, with a focus on their sustainable development and resource productivity strategies. 

Prior to joining McKinsey in 1993, Jeremy was a senior economist at the World Bank, where he specialized in industrial restructuring and technology development. He is a regular speaker at global resource productivity and sustainability events, and is lead author of Resource Revolution: Meeting the World's Energy, Materials, Food and Water Needs (MGI, 2011).