Establishing enabling national policy frameworks
Helping national governments design and implement policies that drive the transition to more prosperous, just urban societies

Recognising the central importance of national economic decision-makers, the Coalition for Urban Transitions is working to assemble and communicate a body of evidence that will resonate with Heads of State, Finance Ministers, and other key sector Ministries. The Coalition coordinates a global programme of research exploring the economic and social case for sustainable urban development. This global programme focuses on the most rapidly urbanising countries that are the focus of the Coalition’s country programme, and those that offer valuable lessons about realising the urban dividend. It includes a wide range of case studies – showing both what works and what doesn’t work – spanning countries from India to Uganda to Germany.

Our Policy workstream analyses national policy instruments and institutional structures that can contribute to compact, connected urban development, with a particular focus on the transport and housing sectors. We are currently conducting a global scan to prepare a comprehensive list of different policy and governance arrangements, and identify barriers and perverse incentives which can affect their effectiveness. This global scan will be used to prepare taxonomies of housing and transport policies that national governments can use to design National Urban Policies that help them achieve both their development and climate goals.