Top 10 Signs that Momentum is Building for a New Climate Economy

Technological innovation, new economic trends, and new political commitments are combining to build momentum for change.  Here are 10 reasons why the New Climate Economy is an emerging reality.

1. In 2013, for the first time, the world added more low-carbon electricity capacity than fossil fuel capacity.

2. Global economic growth and CO2 emissions are beginning to decouple. The global economy grew by 3% last year, but CO2 emissions did not rise.



3. 40 countries and 20 sub-national regions have adopted or are planning carbon pricing. 

Source: World Bank, 2015


4. Solar PV modules are about 80% cheaper than they were in 2008.                        



5. Global business networks representing 6.5 million companies have called for strong climate action.

Flickr/Business & Climate Summit


6. Each dollar invested in renewables buys more capacity than ever. US$270 billion invested in renewables in 2014 bought 36% more capacity than US$279 billion spent in 2011.


7. Sustainable companies have outperformed their peers by 9.1% over the past 4 years.


8. Solar and wind can compete with fossil fuels in many regions.


9. 80 cities have signed on to the Compact of Mayors, committing to tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and many more are expected to join.

Flickr/Asian Development Bank


10. The global market for low-carbon goods and services is worth more than $5.5 trillion and is growing at 3% per year.


UN Photo/Zach Krahmer




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