Cities Working Papers

For more information on the New Climate Economy's special initiative on cities, see the website for the Coalition for Urban Transitions.

Global Review of Finance for Sustainable Urban Infrastructure - Dec 2017

Integrating National Policies to Deliver Compact, Connected Cities: An Overview of Transport and Housing - Dec 2017

Connected Urban Growth: Public-Private Collaborations for Transforming Urban Mobility - Nov 2017

Financing the Urban Transition: Policymakers' Summary - Oct 2017

Demystifying Compact Urban Growth: Evidence from 300 Studies From Across the World - Sep 2017

Better Urban Growth in Tanzania: A Preliminary Exploration of the Opportunities and Challenges - Aug 2017

Financing the Urban Transition for Sustainable Development: Better Finance for Better Cities – Dec 2016

Better Growth, Better Cities: Achieving Uganda's Development Ambition – Dec 2016

Better Cities, Better Growth: India’s Urban Opportunity – Nov 2016

Unlocking the Power of Urban Transport Systems for Better Growth and a Better Climate – Jan 2016

Accelerating Low-Carbon Development in the World’s Cities – Sep 2015

The Contribution of African Cities to the Economy and Climate – Sep 2015

Better Growth, Better Cities: Rethinking and Redirecting Urbanization in Africa – Sep 2015

Analysis of Public Policies That Unintentionally Encourage and Subsidize Urban Sprawl – March 2015

Unlocking the Power of Ethiopia’s Cities – Feb 2015

Accessibility in Cities: Transport & Urban Form – Nov 2014

Cities and The New Climate Economy: The Transformative Role of Global Urban Growth – Nov 2014

What Impact Can Local Economic Development in Cities Have on Global GHG Emissions? Assessing the Evidence – Nov 2014

Steering urban growth: governance, policy and finance – Nov 2014

The Economic Case for Low-Carbon Cities – Nov 2014